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dinsdag 28 december 2010

Thank you Santa!

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!
Thanks santa for the new Sprockets form RCR!

zaterdag 25 december 2010

First Bike

"This pic taken in November 67, the day I got my learner's permit, registered the bike and left school. We did a lot of miles together." by Boadbear

woensdag 22 december 2010

A factory tour

dinsdag 21 december 2010

FDS 519D - My old D7

I've been wondering if my old 1966 D7 is still out there,and according to the DVLA,it is.
Does anyone on here own FDS 519D?

zaterdag 18 december 2010

dinsdag 14 december 2010

let's see your BSA motorcyles

Some nice bsa's on the ADVRider forum!
And a nice Bantam Racing D1-D3

Peggy Iris Thomas

So I’m giving up ‘Adventure biking’ and ‘Overlanding’ … no longer dreaming of an ‘RTW’ trip with my ‘Expedition’ luggage. No. Time to drop off the grid, buy a BSA Bantam, load up the biggest dog I can find and hit the highway…maybe with a sidecar, what do you think? (Karl Bianchini and Moto-Abruzzo)

Check out this very nice link with 8 pages of text & pic's! thanks niglesmith


... sweet!

Bsa Bantam B175

This is an ideal restoration project for the Bsa enthusiast or for the 1st timer as the bike is 99% complete & has very little damage. The damage being the speedo glass is cracked & the chrome surround dented, the battery is missing, the chrome needs some elbow greese & should clean up not too bad, the paint is original & remarkably good for the age, engine turns & has compression but I have never had it started so couldn't honestly say how good it is, the seat has no tears/rips.

woensdag 8 december 2010

Reed block, ...

Talking about serious bantam tuning? Some nice manuals!

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Spark plugs

Bantam D1, D3, D5 & D7 - Original recommended plug:- Champion L7, L10, L82/C and L86/C. ) 0.500 inch (12.7 mm) reach.
- NGK recommended plug :- B6HS Stock No 4510 or Iridium BR6HIX Stock No 3419. )

Bantam D10, D13, D14, B175 and Bushman - Original recommended plug:- Champion N4. ) 0.750 inch (19.05 mm) reach.
- NGK recommended plug :- B7ES Stock No 1111 or Iridium BR7EIX Stock No 6664.)

Most Bantam Club members recommend the use of Iridium plugs to give good starting and excellent whisker free running. These plugs have a very fine centre electrode of only 0.024 inches (0.6 mm) diameter in rare and very hard Iridium material.

The stock no is useful when looking for a plug such as in Halfords as this number is printed on the end of the box. All plugs can be obtained cheaply on eBay as there are a number of sellers with postage as low as £0.50 whereas some have free postage but a higher plug price.

Recommended plug gap for all the above plugs:- 0.018 to 0.020 inches (0.45 to 0.55 mm).

When fitting a brand new plug, tighten by hand up to the sealing washer and then tighten a further 2/3 turn with the plug spanner. When re-fitting a used plug, tighten by hand up to the sealing washer and then tighten a further 1/12 turn with the plug spanner.

Thanks to Jubilee