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dinsdag 31 januari 2012


One of many attempted rebirths - this would seem to
be the 'Budgie', a Small Heath-built updated Bantam.

Notice the engine on the seat!

zondag 29 januari 2012

Motorpace racing

Bantams being used for cycle pacing
Motorpace racing was glamorous but dangerous. Falls were common, largely because bicycle tires tended to burst at speed. The riders wore neither helmets nor gloves. They depended on fast reflexes, the rude health of youth, and luck. Despite having all three, Bobby Walthour collected an impressive (or dismaying) inventory of injuries over his career: 28 fractures of the right collarbone, 18 of the left, 32 broken ribs, and 60 stitches to his face and head. Once, according to family history, he was given up for dead in Paris and taken to a morgue, where he regained consciousness on the slab. link

zaterdag 28 januari 2012

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Early D1 travel

I think i have posted this pic before but from a differend source. 
So here is it again!

donderdag 26 januari 2012

Steve Middleton

I loved that bike! It was slow, had only three gears, and consummately refused ever to kickstart so I always had to bump start it. Nevertheless it went! So the expedition was to see if I could get down to Deal (my new “home” when not at college) on it in one piece. My mother and aunt had moved into a bungalow there after my Dad died. They made a good team at washing student clothing and roast Sunday dinners, and the 80mile trip seemed like a manageable challenge.
This bike was a completely different kettle of fish to my first. For a start it was reliable, i.e. it started with the kickstart and it went well, cruising at 45mph and doing 100mpg. I enjoyed it right from the start. I fitted a handlebar fairing in silver and took to pottering round the leafy Sussex lanes, stopping to explore old Saxon churches and brass rubbings. And of course there were frequent trips down the A2 to Deal with a load of dirty washing to keep the ladies busy.
Some really nice read from steve middleton!

woensdag 25 januari 2012

C10L & Bantam

Looks like the lady is more impressed by the bantam ! link

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Rider safety film!

maandag 23 januari 2012


1968 BSA Bantam D14/4S, 175cc, first registered 27/05/1968. The D14/4 Sport had heavy duty front forks, larger bore exhaust down pipe and full width hubs as the earlyer and standard Bantams were smaller.

This Bantam is very original, it has original paintwork/ chrome work, the only place that is not original is on the side pannells, either ride or restore, would make an easy restoration project. The bike is not rotten, just has surface rust, the chrome work should re-chrome if restoration is prefared. The bike will need a thorough checking over before it is used on the road.

zondag 22 januari 2012

Rebuilding a 1967 d10 bushman its a 1 owner with 4000 mls!.

Looks like birdmanmint is doing a good job rebuilding his bushman!

"Quite a bit work has been done since those pics, the engine has been completely rebuilt and casings polished.
The wheels and spokes are stainless steel, hubs are powder coated, as is the frame.
The tin work and tank has been resprayed by local lad, the finish is fantastic." By mr Birdmanmint !

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Bantam for sale!

Hello all, I now find myself with an embarrassment of Bantams (4) and very little room for them, so I plan to sell my blue one.(Not on original number plate, age related) It has nearly a year's MOT and free tax on it, everything works as it should. I've spent about a year getting it right, so if anyone in the club has a spare £700.00, please ket me know before I have a look at the listing charges on our (not) favourite auction site.

Engine has been rebuilt with the usual bearings seals etc, chain, brake shoes 2 of the cables are new, downside is that the front rim needs replacing if you like shiney chrome, back wheel was rebuilt completely using old components and has been painted black.

Anyone interested can contact me on the forum

vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Some museum pic's of the expo in brussels!

Car expo brussels!

Nice FN

Check the belt drive!

Germaun Belgique

donderdag 19 januari 2012

Car & Motorcycle expo Brussels

Earls Court, 1964, Caron Gardner on a Bantam De Luxe
1964 was the bantam still in production.
Nowday's at expo's you can't find a lightweight classic styling motorcycle anymore! So what could we find?
Kawasaki W800. Big heavy bike but looks fun to drive!
Skyteam Dream 50. Nice try. I just don't like how they finished it! Maybe with aftermarket parts but still.
Dont ask :-)
Yeah Cool styling. as usual loose the mirrors... I wonder how it handels!


Triumph scrambler. Now that's a bike i want when i'm 50. Make me a 150cc / 250cc and i'm sold!

So for now. I'll stay with the bantam! :-)
ps: There was a very nice vintage car & motorcycle museum ... will upload when i have more time.

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Close the gab!

Position the 4 speed gear selector.

If you tightn it up it will not jam!

NEVER EVER put to mutch liquid seal on!
And alway's on this side.

So there is no contact with the liquid seal to the engine itself!

dinsdag 17 januari 2012


This enterprise is still really only a glorified hobby; we need to make something for our bikes and so find we can often produce extra items at comparatively low cost. With this in mind please bear with us when ordering parts, we hope to maintain a close dialogue with all customers in respect of delivery times and design advice.

Product Ideas

The aims behind the products we design and supply are to:
  • Recreate a machine that would look in keeping back in the sixties
  • Improve the performance characteristics over standard period parts
  • Help our customers build handsome, competetive machines
  • Strike a happy medium between high quality products and the cost of production
  • Provide innovative answers to problems associated with building your unique motorcycle.
To achieve these goals we are using modern materials, where suitable, to arrive at weight saving and/or enhanced performance results.
To keep prices down and enable the builder to customize parts to suit their own bike we are willing to supply some products at various stages of production.
To build the bikes we have made many contacts within the manufacturing and wholesale companies in the industry enabling us to price a great range of products at a competitive rate.

maandag 16 januari 2012

A Bsa bantam Article

A new Mighty Square 4 blog with an article about bsa bantams on it...

Very very neat bike that 1000cc ariel!

In the Beginning…

One my earliest memories, one of those mental snapshots from the past was a view, sitting on my Mum’s lap, out of the window of a double adult sidecar. I must have been about 3. The sidecar was attached to a BSA M21 owned by my Dad’s brother Mike, who was an art master & amateur opera singer from Woking in Surrey. The M21 was used as family transport for Mike, my aunt Doreen and their children before it was replaced like so many others by a Morris 1000.
Years later, when I had kids of my own and was re-discovering the wonderful world of old bikes, Mike used to visit us in Norfolk. I learned that before he bought the M21, he had had a Bantam D1, just like the one on the front of the first edition Haynes manual that I had in my motoring library.

zondag 15 januari 2012

Modern retro clothing

While we were shopping in london we found some very nice clothing!

How can you not like this jacket?

It's not a leather jacket

But still. It looks superb... and has lot's of style!
I just love this!