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zaterdag 28 februari 2009

donderdag 26 februari 2009

Louis Pryce

Yeah she's got taste! Louis Pryce (louis on the loose! --> great book!)

dinsdag 24 februari 2009


Tank badges!

*woot* thank you e-bay

maandag 23 februari 2009

Amal Carb.

Found a spring guide in my Carb. No idea if original but works fine!

zondag 22 februari 2009

BSA Ramsy Sprint

zaterdag 21 februari 2009

The Bantam Sidecar!

I bet you're looking at these pictures and thinking “what a lovely-looking combo". But, as we all know, looks aren't everything. I was told by this charming couple that the outfit was used as a munitions carrier in one of our overseas conflicts during the 1950s.

vrijdag 20 februari 2009

Post B175

donderdag 19 februari 2009


woensdag 18 februari 2009


Thank you e-bay! (sir henry's shop!)

maandag 16 februari 2009


zondag 15 februari 2009

Rear Fender...

My own rear fender and a pair found on ebay.
Seems that the Rear number plate is a cause of rust with many bantams.

zaterdag 14 februari 2009

b s a

vrijdag 13 februari 2009


Found on the britbike forum thanks to Costa Z.

donderdag 12 februari 2009

Race D10 Bantam

Yet Another Race Bantam.

woensdag 11 februari 2009

Europe By 1969 Bantam

"Picture the scene. It is spring 1982. We have just endured a really bad winter, three weeks of snow in London where I lived at the time. As a fresh faced 21 year old, I had come to the conclusion that I would only progress in the stuffy firm where I worked if someone died and just could not see myself working there till I drew a pension. I had spent several months in France a few years before and longed to return. My fate was sealed when my photographer father said he needed an assistant for three weeks work in France in May. I volunteered without a thought. " Stephen Dunne

dinsdag 10 februari 2009


"Me in my reckless youth around 1972, trying to run over my brother!" Brufsup

maandag 9 februari 2009

D14/4 1968

(Before?) Bsa Bantam D14/4 175cc 1968

(After!) Bsa Bantam D14 175cc 1968

zaterdag 7 februari 2009

Wieze (Belgium)

Some pic's of a bike-jumble. Also found cool pic's of the '06 edition.

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

Yahoo Bantam Group!

Some Adv. for the BSA Bantam Mailing list!
And it's owners site.

donderdag 5 februari 2009


"The second type is a retrofit version for the later alternator equipped engines, which only requires the inner cover to be modified to accept the adaptor plate. All the required machining is done for you on receipt of the parts and each conversion comes with a flywheel locking bar and extractor to safely remove die flywheel plus all the required fixings to make both electrical and mechanical fitting a straight forward operation following the comprehensive intructions provided." Peter Savage's Generator kid

Whow! Nice work!

woensdag 4 februari 2009

Hockenheim Classic

Bsa Bantam 125 found on cmsnl.com

dinsdag 3 februari 2009

maandag 2 februari 2009

Rare 69' Ad

"5. 175cc Bantam The Bantam 175 is the aristocrat of the lightweight range. This bike is not a toy, and it has the performance to prove it. The 175cc engine will give you over 60mph. And you can expect fuel economy of around 100 miles per gallon. The Bantam 175 has a four speed box, hydraulically controlled suspension front and rear for optimum riding comfort, and 5 1/2" brakes for real stopping power. A feature, brand new for this year, is rubber gaitered competition tested front forks. You have a choice of two de luxe finishes: black and chrome or electric blue and chrome. " Burtonbikebits.net

Clean generator!

So that's ... clean!

zondag 1 februari 2009

Mud Plugger

I like it! "Mud Plugger"