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maandag 28 februari 2011

Trip to Chouffe -> Aftermatch

After 3 day's of hit the road and endurance the "where does this road lead and end".
I must say i am impressed by the little (heavy) bantam.
(total of +- 350 km - 220 mile's)

The good:
-Performance -> 2 people with bag's 170km(93 mile's) driving, in 3-4th gear at 40mph
-Great 2-3-4 gear!
-Ignition works flawless (with irridium spark plug)
-Easy to tweak amal carb
-Reasonable fuel consuption (5L-100km)

The BAD:
-Jumps out of first gear when in high rpm.
-Oil leak at kickstart / gear changer
-Water leak at top of carb ->Add rubbers! *WIP*
-Leak at bottom of cilinder (left) *DONE*
-Minor leak at top of cilinder *DONE*
-Slightly loose exhaust pipe *Done*

- Other fuel switch
- Longer clutch handel (engine) -> Softer clutch operation. *DONE*
- Easy way to check oil level...

The good:
-Great seat. Bad seat cover.
-Good ergonomics
-I love the windshields! (legs)
-The looks :-)
-Heidenau tire's!

The bad:
-Parking the bike on soft ground -> side stand
-Front brake's
-Front forks leak (stopt leaking cause oil is gone)
-Broken speedo meter *WIP*

-Chainguard -> chain rattels in it!
-Build strong Front safety bar
-Build Rear Carrier
-Cranckcase protection (rocks)
-Repaint rear shocks
-Side stand.
-Re-allign food peg's
-Add (classic) rear view mirror
(-Add little EHBO box)

The good:
It works!

The bad:
Front light could be better

-Easy to recharge battery fiche
-12V horn + button

zondag 27 februari 2011

Checkpoint Achouffe - Houffalize

After +- 140 km (87 miles) of small farm roads we arrived in Achouffe .

Grotere kaart weergeven

Checkpoint Dinant

Checkpoint Dinant, the village where the sax was invented.

Ready to hit the road!

After a final check. Time to drive a 3 day endurance rally! (With 6-Volt moped club)

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Some very nice motorcycle clothe's from W.1910.
Very neat looking site!

maandag 21 februari 2011


zaterdag 19 februari 2011

riding on bsa

Band: Steve Gibbons Band
Song: BSA

01 - A cold test drive 40km

It's 4°C, cloudy but no rain. And i'm back from a 1,5 hour test drive.
I need my cup of coffee!

The verdict about the bantam now...

The good:
Starts very good. One kick and go!
Shifts good, First gear is rubbish. Second nice and smooth on to third with is the best for non highway use. Fourth gear is good but third is better!
Nice roadholding
Good seat
Brake's are fine!

The bad:
Minor clutch slip
Jumps out of first gear in higher revs
Any higher revs leads to gearbox noice...
Oil leak trough kickstart / gear lever.

Speedo meter (/cable?) broke!
Front forks leak

I've got some work to do!

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Cartignano italy classic trail!

Very nice coverage of a classic trail in italy. Go little bantam go!

maandag 14 februari 2011

Bantam one off classic racer

BSA Bantam D1 engined race bike in swinging arm frame, well modified bike upgraded brakes suspension, expansion pipe, Todd head, tuned engine, real head turner !! I also have a alloy Ajax race barel and head which is for sale.

zaterdag 12 februari 2011


Last wheek before the bantam is street legal!

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Gasoline gypsy

Peggy Thomas bought her B.S.A. Bantam, a rigid-framed D1, in 1950.
She immediately named it Oppy after its registration number, OPE 811.
Within a few weeks she set off on a 4,500 mile tour around Scandinavia accompanied by her friend, Prudence Beggs.

Peggy's most famous journey though was an 18 month, 14,000 mile epic in North America.
She took her 60lb Airedale dog, Matelot, along, ensconced in a makeshift box on the Bantam's parcel rack. Starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the pair traversed Canada to Vancouver on the Pacific coast then headed south down the West Coast of the United States.
Crossing into Mexico, Peggy and Matelot travelled as far as Mexico City before heading for the Atlantic coast and taking a steamer to Florida. After an extended stay on the Florida Quays, Peggy's journey ended with a ride north to New York. She carried a typewriter with her for the entire journey and wrote this now extremely scarce travelogue about her adventure.

... 425£

DJH60 ink

This is a print of an illustration done in ink and collage.
It measures approx 11" x 8" with a border for mounting. It is printed on Epson archival matte 192g card. All prints are signed and sent in a bend proof envelope and are well protected.

The use of spare parts...

I do have some junk spare parts laying around... found on etsy

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

What was your first motorcycle

Five transmissions later, all under warranty, the dealer granted full refund price trading it back in against a 1961 BSA 175cc "Super" Bantam. Neither bike came equipped with a brake light!

vrijdag 4 februari 2011

donderdag 3 februari 2011

dinsdag 1 februari 2011

Wipac Sabrina rear light unit

After some small tweaking with Sabrina ... we have light!