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zaterdag 30 januari 2010

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zondag 24 januari 2010

oil, grease & dirt

+- 30 years of oil, grease & dirt...

Neat Hummer

This one was taken at Singapore Changi Airport [thanks J.Li-the-future-Harley owner for the pics], displayed at a cosmetic counter. I wonder why. Non affiliated and non similarity at all.
Thnk I am gonna purchase a tube of facial-cleanser and will probably get the bike for free..

woensdag 20 januari 2010

D7 Trails Bike

BSA Bantam D7 Trials Bike

FORKS - Yamaha DT fitted new seals and bushes. Hot sprayed with acrylic and laquered.

FRONT WHEEL - 21" Yamaha DT with standard trials tyre.

FRAME - D7 Raised and with all surplus lugs removed. Hot sprayed with acrylic black and laquered. Bottom member strengthened and bash plate fitted. Rear sub frame raised and strenthened for wheel clearance. Trials footrests. Tomaselli bars and levers. All cables new or refurbished. All nuts and bolts correct BSF/BSC sizes and have either been replaced or replated and re-used where possible. Seat custom made as period. Long rear shocks.

SWINGING ARM - Wide Tiger Cub item fitted to accommodate standard 18" wheel and tyre. Long side stand fitted. Hot sprayed with acrylic black and laquered.

REAR WHEEL - 18" with 400 X 18 standard trials tyre.

ENGINE - DT 175 top end rebuilt with new rings, new ignition coil gaskets etc. No lighting coils. Bottom end rebuilt before my ownership but felt good. No play in shaft or big end and all gears select.

TRANSMISSION - 3 speed with good trials ratio sprockets and new chain.

EXHAUST - High level with period silencer.

TANK and PANELS - Sprayed in red petrol resistant epoxy two pack.

This machine was built by me as a project with the intention of entering classic trials but has never been trialled since completion due to recurrence of old injury. It is not suitable for road use and is certainly not a "Field Bike". I have no documents but will provide a bill of sale to the winning bidder.

Inspection is welcome before end of bidding, and a full history of the build and expenditure is availabe at www.formulaonesidecar.co.uk & Ebay

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Porlock Hill 1952

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zaterdag 16 januari 2010


Ain't she pretty? The B175 Bushman

Authentic design menswear

They sell a Bsa Bantam Jacket! *Ow Yeah!*

Bantam Shops

There are a number of great shops for bantam spare's on the internet.
Check out the links section & Ebay!

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woensdag 13 januari 2010

Racer in progress

Thank you bantam racing forum!

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Thank you Bantam Racers!

I agree with Alan. In my 37 years of Bantaming I have had to repair several sets of crankcases due to the discs coming loose. A retired NZ dealer friend was almost bankrupted fixing D14B warranty claims due to the rivets failing.

After the later D7 and some earlier D10 models the discs were added with the intention of closing off the dead space in the crank flywheels so reducing crankcase volume, increasing primary compression ratio and efficiency. But they are not gas tight, volume remains nearly the same.
So leave out, or if rebuilding crank get some good thick plates made, machine the crank lip off, a step inside, clear of the seal diameter and hold on with countersunk cap screws loctited in. Beware the flywheel material is hard and can only be drilled/tapped slowly and carefully. Spark eroding out broken taps is expensive !
I have had this done this on my trials D7, road B175 and racing D14 cranks.
Johnsbantam - New zealand

& Thanks Alan

zondag 10 januari 2010

B175 engine.

I have the B175 engine in the D14/4. What make's the late crankshaft.
Still need to find how to fix it!

19 - "Plate" And how do you mount this?

Need help. How do you mount this?

Classic 1960's BSA Bantam Racer or Sprint Bike

Neat little racer. Found @ Ebay

zaterdag 9 januari 2010

1968 BSA Bantam 175cc D14 4 speed

It starts and runs but top end does rattle a little , this may be normal for Bantams ? I havnt had a stroker for 20 years
Bike seems fairly original having had only 2 previous owners from new
Milage shows 2300 but i cant confirm it

I think it would benefit from a rewire but all the lights do work and it does charge
The only thing missing is a horn and the nipple pulled of the front brake cable last time i rode it
V5C is presenet and in my name
Indicators have been retrofitted but could easlily be removed
An ammeter and switch have been fitted to the left hand side panel they are not currently wired up
there is included a Haynes Manual 2 spare side panels and a Brand New unfitted clutch


dinsdag 5 januari 2010

maandag 4 januari 2010