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vrijdag 1 mei 2009

Bantam Trail Setup

"Trials is one of the more skilful of two wheeled sports, combining total concentration and complete balance. Weight distribution, clutch, brake and throttle control are all calculated by the rider in an instant while remaining perfectly poised to take on unthinkable obstacles. Britain has always been at the forefront of Trials and has produced many of the world's greatest Trials riders."

D7 Frame with brace
D7 engine with d10 175cc barrell (different ports)
Fully rebuilt motor
Amal Concentric carb
Widened S-ARM
Cub hubs
Special One off oiltank and air box all in one.
Sammy Miller Footrests
Sammy Miller Chain tensioner
BSA Yokes and Forks
Honda r shocks
Alloy Mudguards