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zaterdag 13 juni 2009

John Storey

“Suddenly there were battle tanks rolling in and panic everywhere. The Czechs told me that I ought to get out immediately, and I thought that was a good idea. They didn’t know then exactly what was going to happen—or how bad it was likely to get. Nobody did. Only, there wasn’t any petrol to be had. Not at first anyway. But there was a sort of whip round and finally I managed to get my hands on some, and I was hurrying out of there." I liked the Czechs.

Nothing, it seems, fazes him.

He was arrested in Yugoslavia; had his tools pinched in Paris; has had to deal with sudden engine lock-ups; mad truck drivers; the Russian army; a few spills; and no end of seemingly mindless international bureaucracy. John's been around.

"Moreover, he’s got his eye on Europe again. There are still roads to travel, and there’s still life left in Project 9. And there are still places he hasn’t seen.

Not many, mind. Just some."

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