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maandag 7 september 2009

Project 9

The year was 1970 and if the author Peter Van Greenaway’s book (written in about 1964) had been a true story, a hydrogen bomb would have been dropped on Colchester, wiping out half of London and making Britain uninhabitable - thanks to the Russians and East Germans...... and having seen Czechoslovakia in 1968 made one think! Anyway, as far as my summer holiday was concerned I decided I’d leave the heart and south of Europe alone for the time being; another go at Czecho’ and the Eastern Bloc can wait. I decided to go north - to the land of Scandinavia - taking in parts of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, not too hot too, and not full of sun worshippers only there for the beer and “birds” either. There was also no political strife. An engine strip (for inspection) in March revealed a dodgy big end (no worry if “ride to work” but for a trip like mine was a different matter). I immediately got an exchange unit (which was possible in those days) and while I was about it I renewed the clutch bearing, which had a tiny but noticeable amount of wear - and gave my “bird” a treat with new oil seals - better safe than sorry.