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zaterdag 9 januari 2010

1968 BSA Bantam 175cc D14 4 speed

It starts and runs but top end does rattle a little , this may be normal for Bantams ? I havnt had a stroker for 20 years
Bike seems fairly original having had only 2 previous owners from new
Milage shows 2300 but i cant confirm it

I think it would benefit from a rewire but all the lights do work and it does charge
The only thing missing is a horn and the nipple pulled of the front brake cable last time i rode it
V5C is presenet and in my name
Indicators have been retrofitted but could easlily be removed
An ammeter and switch have been fitted to the left hand side panel they are not currently wired up
there is included a Haynes Manual 2 spare side panels and a Brand New unfitted clutch