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zondag 12 september 2010

Classic Motorcycle Trails

D7 Frame with brace.
BSA C15 Yokes and Forks (they fit streight in).
Widened S-ARM or fit cub S-ARM, (they fit streight in).
Longer rear shocks.
Sump sheild.
Cub hubs.
Small tank & seat.
Sammy Miller Footrests & Chain tensioner.
D7 engine with d10 175cc barrel (different ports) crank stuffers disk type to up the crank case compression, easy to make & fit if you have the motor in bits.
Open up and polish all barrel ports, make sure not to go too much because of piston ring damage.
Skim the head to up the compression ratio (not too much for trials use).
Amal Concentric carb & longer induction neck.
Hi-line exhaust.
Change sprockets for low gears, 12 tooth final drive sprocket and a 66 tooth rear sprocket.
For motorX they used to remove the flywheel & use a battery, up the compresion ratio (Todd head), Todd horse shoe crank stuffers, disc crank stuffers, piston stuffer, and the list goes on!

Todd was the Bantam tuning guru.