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woensdag 9 maart 2011

Work in progress... Cleaning is almost done!

Most of the cleaning is done. *yay!*

-Engine cilinder & piston is in good shape.

-Small leak found and hopefully fixed.

-Looking at the clutch now. Little to heavy for my liking...
Apico easy clutch or ... just add an inch to the clutch lever (engine)
*Update 18/3/2011* Reroute the cable. Nice handeling now!

-Fixed a jammed cable (ENGINE OFF swith cable!!!)
Thank god it hold on on the journey!

-I don't like the air filter of a D14/4 at all. Does the air filter of a D10 fit on a Amal 626?
*Update 18/3/2011* Due the ease of maintenance i will fit an pan air filter.

-The chain case has sufferd form the chain. Lot's of wear here.

-Front forks show sign of wear (paint)
*Update 18/3/2011* Fixed!

- Speedo cable broke before journey. total loss + still have to check the rear wheel mech. *update 15/3/2011* rear wheel mech is jammed. Cable is total loss
*Update 18/3/2011* Cable ordered, looking for a rear wheel mech.

-Saddle bag's have worn some paint. -> thinking about the rear rack!

-Battery + lights are in good shape after 3 day's of intese use
*update 15/3/2011* Main head light blub in need of replacement.

*update 15/3/2011*-The generator side of the engine leaks water but the water can't go . So it stay's in . I will drill a small hole so water can exit

Some work to do!