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woensdag 5 oktober 2011

DIY How to make custom length control cables.

Grabbed a small block of 1/2" scrap steel and drilled a 19/64 hole all the way through it. Clamped that on top of another piece of scrap steel
I then took an old junk cable I had lying around and began heating the end of the cable with the 'nub' on it (don't know what the official name is for them) Once it got hot enough I was able to to 'drip/drag' it into the 19/64 dia hole. I did that with a total of 3 cable ends. Then I patiently heated the small block of steel around the hole with the melted solder in it. Once it was sure it was completely melted (I stirred it with a small nail held by pliers) I inserted my trimmed cable into the mix I heated the cable a little before and after inserting it so the solder would get good penetration around the steel strands of the cable.
I held it there for 2-3 minutes while it solidified, then I ran cool water over the whole thing. Then I unclamped the small block and took it to my vise to drive the part out of the block.
I ended up using a bolt that was just the right diameter to drive it out.
And here it is...looks as good as the real thing!
Soon i'll try this out...