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woensdag 21 september 2011

Easy Wheeling Harley-Davidson Hummer!

Hold that smile! He's riding a new Harley-Davidson Hummer. Plenty of smiles to the miles with this practical set of fun wheels. Ideal, economical transportation. Takes you anywhere - whether it's off to the beach...on a trip...an errand...or back and forth to school, shop, or office. And, anyone can learn to ride. Just sit back in the foam-rubber-filled saddle, release the hand clutch lever and you're off - it's as simple as that! Safe too! Giant front and rear brakes stop you on a dime. Large headlight, tail-light and new stoplight give you perfect night-time safety. Topping the list of Hummer highlights is the super-economy, fuel-miser engine that delivers up to 100 miles per gallon. Get yourself some new smiles...get a set of fun wheels - ride the amazing Harley-Davidson Hummer!

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