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donderdag 26 januari 2012

Steve Middleton

I loved that bike! It was slow, had only three gears, and consummately refused ever to kickstart so I always had to bump start it. Nevertheless it went! So the expedition was to see if I could get down to Deal (my new “home” when not at college) on it in one piece. My mother and aunt had moved into a bungalow there after my Dad died. They made a good team at washing student clothing and roast Sunday dinners, and the 80mile trip seemed like a manageable challenge.
This bike was a completely different kettle of fish to my first. For a start it was reliable, i.e. it started with the kickstart and it went well, cruising at 45mph and doing 100mpg. I enjoyed it right from the start. I fitted a handlebar fairing in silver and took to pottering round the leafy Sussex lanes, stopping to explore old Saxon churches and brass rubbings. And of course there were frequent trips down the A2 to Deal with a load of dirty washing to keep the ladies busy.
Some really nice read from steve middleton!