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maandag 9 januari 2012

A most remarkable historic style replica watch which is designed with an aunthentic 1940-50's look with its simple vintage shaped watch case and amazing enamel style dial featuring the GPO telegram logo & vintage BSA stacked rifle trademark.  The dial is steeped in history and a neat souvenier of the time when GPO telegrams were quite often delivered by dispatch riders using the BSA Bantam motorcycle. 

This modern historic style replica watch uses a battery quartz movement, it has a convex sun yellowed style mineral glass dial lense, super sharp dial details, nice quality hide strap in black.  The dial area measures 33mm in diameter and the watch falls into the medium to large mens category.  Overall a very authentic & stunning heavy weight repro watch, definitely one for the collector.
Nice watch! Found on e-bay. If you buy it i hope the quality is good for that price!