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zaterdag 19 februari 2011

01 - A cold test drive 40km

It's 4°C, cloudy but no rain. And i'm back from a 1,5 hour test drive.
I need my cup of coffee!

The verdict about the bantam now...

The good:
Starts very good. One kick and go!
Shifts good, First gear is rubbish. Second nice and smooth on to third with is the best for non highway use. Fourth gear is good but third is better!
Nice roadholding
Good seat
Brake's are fine!

The bad:
Minor clutch slip
Jumps out of first gear in higher revs
Any higher revs leads to gearbox noice...
Oil leak trough kickstart / gear lever.

Speedo meter (/cable?) broke!
Front forks leak

I've got some work to do!