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maandag 28 februari 2011

Trip to Chouffe -> Aftermatch

After 3 day's of hit the road and endurance the "where does this road lead and end".
I must say i am impressed by the little (heavy) bantam.
(total of +- 350 km - 220 mile's)

The good:
-Performance -> 2 people with bag's 170km(93 mile's) driving, in 3-4th gear at 40mph
-Great 2-3-4 gear!
-Ignition works flawless (with irridium spark plug)
-Easy to tweak amal carb
-Reasonable fuel consuption (5L-100km)

The BAD:
-Jumps out of first gear when in high rpm.
-Oil leak at kickstart / gear changer
-Water leak at top of carb ->Add rubbers! *WIP*
-Leak at bottom of cilinder (left) *DONE*
-Minor leak at top of cilinder *DONE*
-Slightly loose exhaust pipe *Done*

- Other fuel switch
- Longer clutch handel (engine) -> Softer clutch operation. *DONE*
- Easy way to check oil level...

The good:
-Great seat. Bad seat cover.
-Good ergonomics
-I love the windshields! (legs)
-The looks :-)
-Heidenau tire's!

The bad:
-Parking the bike on soft ground -> side stand
-Front brake's
-Front forks leak (stopt leaking cause oil is gone)
-Broken speedo meter *WIP*

-Chainguard -> chain rattels in it!
-Build strong Front safety bar
-Build Rear Carrier
-Cranckcase protection (rocks)
-Repaint rear shocks
-Side stand.
-Re-allign food peg's
-Add (classic) rear view mirror
(-Add little EHBO box)

The good:
It works!

The bad:
Front light could be better

-Easy to recharge battery fiche
-12V horn + button